ITC Industrial Training Center


ITC Industrial Training Center

ITC Industrial Training Center has been in education business since 1995. ITC Industrial Training Center is licensed by the Commission for Independent Education in state of Florida. ITC has developed several training comprehensive training programs and invested in state of the art training methods and materials at our training facility in Miami, Florida. ITC has trained well over 15,000 students in the proper use of the forklift and Heavy Equipment.

Operators Certification

ITC has created a safety training center designed to give prospect and companies in the Material Handling Industry safety courses to enhance employees and the private sector knowledge of the new generation in the Industrial lift and Heavy Equipment, emerging technologies and professional skills. ITC programs will be " HANDS-ON " training designed to assure a quality learning experience on a wide variety of topics. ITC has trained over 10,000 forklift operators throughout South Florida in the safe operation of this equipment. As required by OSHA -Occupational Safety and Health Administration.  


Training to Placement

As a provider of quality training, Industrial Training Center understands the importance of hiring competent employees who can demonstrate the knowledge and skills required for working safely. ITC offers a variety of safety-related training programs meeting the OSHA compliance needs In a wide range of industries. In addition, Industrial Training Center develops employment candidates in our training and placement program.If your firm is looking for safety training or trained, skilled employment operators, Industrial Training Center is the provider of choice.