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Learn how to operate a Class III Electric Pallet Jack

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Becoming a Forklift Certify Operator

Powered Industrial Trucks (Forklift) this industrial machinery falls under the parameters outlined for Industrial Lift operation and as such it is a position that requires forklift driver certification. The certification process is specific yet not unusually difficult to obtain. Certain steps must be understood and adhered to before qualifications are met.

While considered a basic skill of warehouse, factory, or other industrial workers, certification is nevertheless mandated by OSHA 29 CFR 1910-178 and insurance providers. In the United States, failure to obtain the necessary certification will result in fines and penalties to the contractors and business owners found guilty of non-compliance.

Starting with the basics, this OSHA regulation guide provides a complete run-down of the Powered Indusrial Truck (forklift) certification process and explains how a business or individual can become certified to operate such an industrial Lift truck.

Steps to Certification

For a Experience Operator

Basically, there are 3 requirements that must be met in order to become a certified forklift operator:

1. Attend a forklift certification theory class ( Incompliance with OSHA )

2. Pass the written certification test

3. Pass a hands-on Forklift evaluation by the instructor (On-site)


                                                 Classroom Instruction

General understanding of forklift components, Characteristics, Stability Triangle, Capacity of lift truck, daily checklist, maintenance, Dock Area as well as the proper use and safety of the forklift machinery is taught. This is followed by a written test then a operator performance evaluation test. Once the all test requirements are met. Then a forklift certification picture ID card is issued and certificate of completion. The employer or a individual person bares the cost of both the training supplies and the certification card.





Class:   III


Electric Pallet Jack



Class:   IV - V


I/C Sit down Counter Balance




Aerial and Scissor Lift



Class VII


Rought Terrain Forklift







Mounted-Vehicle Bucket Truck


Aerial and Scissor Lift



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